Monday, 14 June 2010

Indeed what is the current dilemna in abstract painting?

vincenthawkins said...
"though this is a scientific observation " what is the current dilemma ?
Abstract painting is perceived as not being relevant/current and frequently in my view it isn't, because it is caught between 'rediscovering America or Holland'. To over simplify - Pollock or Mondrian. Reductionism appears to be ideologically led with a desire for containment and readablity and conversely the emotional, free expression appears lazy in enquiry and appears to be overly self indulgent to the point of ignoring context. It seems that once the style has been adopted the painting suffers. The solo is identifiable as rock, jazz, punk or techno but the quality of the sound isn't that great. I am as guilty of not succeeding in this as the next artist but feel it needs to be examined unless production of an abstract commodity is the goal.

I see the similarity in other areas as well as science where the methods and patterns of enquiry are repeated yet the expectation is that something new will arise out of the old habits.

I have yet to listen to all of Tony Godfrey's lecture on abstraction in Asia but a cursory examination showed his categories of pure and impure abstraction to connect with this debate. I hope to finish it shortly and will post my thoughts on his later.

Thank you Vincent for asking a very pertinent question. Please forgive my over-reduction here I am aware of the irony and feel it only highlights the problem! 

Does this resonate with you? Is this just a British perspective?

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