Thursday, 6 May 2010

Suse Bauer - Hamburg

Gallerie Conradi in Hamburg is showing European hard-edged abstraction from Suse Bauer. There is a distinct difference from that currently taking place in America. There is a awkwardness and tension in Bauer's work that is sharp and urban. This unsettled quality connects with Germany in the 1920's and is confirmed by the wonderful photograph of her in front of her paintings reminding me of Otto Dix's painting of Sylvia Von Harden.  There is an angular affinity with the poetry of Tomma Abts but the Suse Bauer's language is more diagrammatic and surreal. The forms are constructed off balance but are countered and move from flat to perspective shapes. Are those Pancho Villa's legs?

First announcing the symbolic guidance for the organization of the world
Öl auf Papier
290 x 145 cm Photo: Harald Popp 

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