Saturday, 29 May 2010

Mark Harrington at Edward Cella

Mark Harrington an abstract painter from Los Angeles, opens at Edward Cella.

Mark Harrington Untitled Acrylic on Canvas

This man loves the horizontal division of the canvas with a colour change here and there. (Don't be surprised if the vertical asserts its radical self sometime.) It is hard, really hard to discover, invent, construct, reveal - new form. To reinvent form or structure requires new sensibilities, often a product of one's time. As a simple example the circle, square and triangle are all essential so to present these in a new way would depend on how they are drawn and presented, with what they are made, how they are coloured, how they are combined. With this is mind please take a look at Nick de Serra's beautiful progress from Mondrian.

SY8 Drawing on Fabriano Paper 
Nicholas De Serra

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