Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Don Peebles obit and Morey de Morand at Poussin

I have never heard of Don Clendon Peebles, a New Zealand painter who died recently but his obituary in the Guardian gave the impression of a delightful committed artist and I look forward to learning more about his work. The writer of the obit, Robert Macdonald made an observation about Peebles' career - "Peebles suffered from the critical view that his art was too international in flavour..." This is in contrast to the ambitions of so many academic critics and artists today who frequently express their desire for, and ambition to create work that is universal which in itself appears contrary to the returned trend for the 'local identity' that is being sought in other sectors. On looking around for a Peebles' image this one struck a chord!

 Untitled 2 drawing on fibre paper
Don Peebles

 Camp homemade ink on paper Peter Dickinson

The Poussin Gallery specializes in abstract art and mostly presents artists born in the 40's and 50's. They have a strong identity and approach showing such notables as Alan Gouk, John Hoyland, John Maclean and Paul Tonkin.  In their own words "Poussin Gallery is primarily concerned with the furtherance and promotion of abstract visual art, of a kind which demonstrates an understanding of its links to art history, without resort to nostalgia or mannerism." Their latest exhibition is by C Moray de Morand

Moving On C. Morey de Morand  2010
acrylic on canvas


  1. Thanks for the posting. If you would like more info on future shows etc. drop me an email at

    Hope you see you at the gallery, soon (if have not already)



  2. I have just come across this by chance and am touched to have my exhibition Rewired at the Poussin Gallery linked fortuitously, but sadly, with the Don Peebles Obituary. Don Peebles was a close friend of mine when I lived in NZ after I moved to Christchurch.
    We met through a mutual affinity in art directions and our own unswerving beliefs of the way to continue .
    His folded, sewn, then dipped works are masterpieces that should be recognised. He gave me 2 small drawings when I left NZ and I still see his originality there. I am sad on this day to learn of his death but oh so strengthened by memories of his existence
    and our shared, rare for NZ, aims of working integrity.
    C. Morey de Morand