Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Amy Sillman in New York causing concern

Here is an article from the New York Times describing the debate that Amy Sillman has provoked. It is a shame but I get the sense she is becoming defensive and in doing so undermining her/the position. But to get a flavour of the problem she has highlighted and one that APE has acknowledged needs attention, here is a quote from the article by Karen Rosenberg: " In 2010 the art world doesn’t quite know how to talk about gestural-abstract painting." Come on Amy. Undercover Painter's hosting a video tour of the exhibition by James Kalm.

Amy Sillman
Walt Whitman, 2010 c/o Sikkema Jenkins

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  1. Hey Monk, thanks for the link to this article. I don't know that Rosenberg does much justice to the depth of the debate that has been going down on say Art Fag City for example. By the way, I think it's Rosenberg's comment about gestural abstraction, not Sillman's. Though I could be wrong. My personal take is that Amy Sillman is a hero for taking on these questions. I don't really care how she does it but I am really glad that she's taking one for the abstractionist team, so to speak.