Thursday, 13 May 2010

Abstract Vision Now: Ian Davenport, Mark Francis, Peter Halley and Dan Walsh

Peter Halley

Making waves to the east is a reductive art exhibition in Moscow' as Russia promotes itself as a contemporary art capital, catching up with Western capitals exploring minimalist paintings. These painters, two Americans and two Brits, are diverse in their approach but fit well into the 'Concrete' art term.

From Art+Art Gallery Press Release: 'Art + Art Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition Abstract Vision 2010. Presenting the work of Peter Halley, Ian Davenport, Mark Francis and Dan Walsh, Abstract Vision 2010 brings together four international stars of Contemporary abstract

Ian Davenport

'The visual dialect of these works can be seen as a shared pursuit toward a universal
language. In the élan of technological progress and interconnectivity that exists on a fixed
point of this earth, a language is spoken and understood by means of formalism and

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