Friday, 16 April 2010

Otto Zitko and Louise Bourgeois at the Arnolfini

Otto Zitko is one of many artists taking the painting off the canvas. I have painted rooms, two of which were titled Holy Moses (1999) and Many Hands (2001) in tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband Dr Michael Aris. A favorite off canvas painter of mine is Katharina Grosse. Zitko is also among a few painters with an innate affinity for string theory and a blood line to Pollock and the later works of De Kooning ( much maligned but rated by me ).  The images I have seen do not convey the invention in the line the skips and and jumps, the changes in density and width that Otto achieves. There is a freedom in the line that contains the viewer which I don't think was an intended irony.

The invitation to the preview has a wonderful Louise Bourgeois drawing on it that I will scan and post later.
STRING THEORISTS:  De Kooning, Peart, Cockrill, Lohr
This type of wandering line unifies and leads the eye and is often used to define another plane. Because it is effective in doing this it can be used lazily. It prevents decisions on form and becomes devisive. It can be varied in scale and colour giving the appearance of invention but is production. I trust you will now spot stringers and if so please send suggestions through.

Thanks to Undercover Painter for the image correction.

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  1. Hi I really enjoy your blog. I just noticed the 4 images posted here. The second one is a painting by John Peart, 'Shadowgrille' 2009. See my links here: