Monday, 26 April 2010

'Between the Possible and the Real' Contemporary Painting in Antwerp

Kusseneers Gallery in Antwerp is exhibiting 'Between the Possible and the Real' Four British Abstract Painters'. This is an interesting example of a diverse group of artists exploring contemporary abstraction in England at the moment. These four artists, Jon Thompson, Ben Ravenscroft, Andrew Graves and Andrew Bick who have been around the scene in London and the regions for a few years now have branched out with this exciting show in Belgium.

Thanksassary Flowerbed,
Acrylic on Aluminium, 2004,

(Thanks to Re-Title and Kusseneers Gallery for the information and images.)

There is a diversity of the processes used by these painters, with references that could refer to the influence of Minimalism as well as Abstract Expressionist qualities, where surface and gesture predominate. But most importantly, it is the fact that these works are seen together as a group, attempting to redefine the plurality of styles painting holds in contemporary art at the moment.

Andrew Bick
Variant {south west} 3 part invention, double spider
acrylic, pencil, oil paint, watercolour and wax on wood, 2006/2009
122 x 189 x 4 cm

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