Saturday, 17 April 2010

Agnes Martin and Sean Scully

In dj remix terms (what pop terminology here!) USA Vs Ireland. Agnes Martin opens at the Timothy Taylor creamery. I was however questioning over their statement that she was one of America's foremost abstract painters. Yes if being forced to run on the outside lane and coming in 9th in a 10 lane race is foremost, or if being the last one standing makes you foremost then Agnes Martin is. This niggle aside there is a delicate sensitivity that is like a breath in her work. Tender and not a strained muscle of runner in the whispered paintings and drawings.

Sean Scully is Finn McCool in contrast. His exhibition at the Ingleby of the Iona tryptych looks commanding and the smaller work make the blocks feel like I've zoomed in on Cezanne brushmarks. Sean Scully will be showing later this year at................ Timothy Taylor.

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