Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Motherwell, Ferber and Gottlieb

 In 1951, architect Percival Goodman commissioned
three avant-garde artists, Motherwell, Ferber and Gottlieb to create works for his Congregation B'nai Israel synagogue in Millburn, New Jersey. The Jewish Museum in New York (how evocative those words are) is showing the commissioned works. It includes the 15 studies that Motherwell made for the work. Broadway World has this article on the exhibition: Modern Art, Sacred Space: Motherwell, Ferber 
and Gottlieb.   

Motherwell's curtain reminds me of Lucienne Day's fabrics. An influential British designer who died on the 30th January this year aged 93. She was born 19 days before Motherwell. Lucienne's work came to the fore in 1951 and Motherwell had already found his furrow in the early 1940's but.......but  Lucienne's work was widely distributed in 1951 because of the Festival of Britain the same year as the Millburn commission. Pah.

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