Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hail Senators of Abstract Painting

Helen Frankenthaler was recently honoured with awards and a solo show at Knoedler when she became eighty. Gillian Ayres is also having her 80th year celebrated with a show at Alan Cristea.

Martin Gayford's article in the Telegraph.

Basil Beattie has a few years to go yet before he is 80 but is showing the Janus series of work at Abbott Hall.

These surely are honourable people.

Image courtesy of Knoedler, Helen Frankenthaler Pink Lady 1963. Oil on canvas, 84-1/2 x 58 inches
Image courtesy of Alan Christea, Gillian Ayres Widsith, 2009
Image courtesy of Eagle Gallery London Basil Beattie, When Night Sidles in (Janus series) 2007, oil and wax on canvas, 213 x 198 cm.

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