Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nick Moore at the Brewhouse

Nick Moore
Dark Intervals

Saturday 9 January - Saturday 27 February

Dark Intervals is a series of paintings exploring a new-found energy which embraces the combined elements of chance and deliberation, application and reverie. They are rooted in spontaneity and improvisation, akin to what John Cage described in music as ‘considered improvisation’.

Nick Moore is a painter, musician and poet based in Bristol. He is a teacher and lecturer in both art and art history and has worked on graduate and post graduate levels. He is currently artist in residence at a GP Surgery in Gloucestershire as part of the Art Lift project.

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  1. I saw one of Nick Moore's pieces in Modern Painters. Very dramatic. The reference to Cage's considered improv is interesting, but why not leave out the "considered" and make a full comparison with jazz and other artists who base their work off of improv?