Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Motherwell says - hands on heart

In a verbal society, most people are "Form Blind",...

'If anything in the world can teach a man to venture, it is the ethical, which teaches to venture everything for nothing, to risk everything, and also therefore to renounce the flattery of the world - historical... " Soren Kierkegaard.

Venturesomeness is only one of the ethical values respected by modern painters.
There are many others, integrity, sensuality, sensitivity, knowingness, passion, dedication, sincerity, and so on, which taken all together represent the ethical background of judgement in relation to any given work of modern art. Every aesthetic judgement of importance is ultimately ethical in background. It is its unawareness of this background that is an audience's chief problem. And one has to have an intimate acquaintance with the language of contemporary painting to be able to see the real beauty of it; to see the ethical background is even more difficult. It is a question of consciousness.
........Without ethical consciousness, a painter is only a decorator. Without ethical consciousness, the audience is only sensual, one of aesthetes.

Robert Motherwell extracts from 'The Painter and The Audience' 1954 Perspectives USA UCP Berkeley

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